Nik Colk Void is an electronic musician and artist with a vast reputation in experimental shapeshifting and collaboration. Void’s interests lie in the unconventional encounters with her tools, both analogue and digital, as a means of expression. Her key instruments are voice, guitar, and modular euro-rack systems engaging in a new language using extended technique and cut-up sampling through synthesis. As a result, the blends of her compositional tracks lean towards techno, club,experimental and noise. UK based, Void has produced eight acclaimed studio albums with her musical groups Factory Floor, Carter Tutti Void and NPVR with the late Peter Rehberg, releasing via Mute, DFA, Blast First, Editions Mego and Industrial. Her solo debut Bucked Up Space released via Editions Mego on 8 April 2022. Listen to the opening track, ‘Interruption Is Good’ HERE. This is Void’s first foray into a different style of collaboration, eningered by James Greenwood, mixed by Marta Sologni  and mastered by Rashad Becker. The track highlights on Mary Anne Hobbs BBC 6 Music, Pitchfork and The Observer and news stories from the likes of Resident Advisor, Clash and The Quietus. Praise for ‘Interruption Is Good’“... a banging piece of sound art” - The Observer “...a fascinating piece of Brutalist techno that pivots between crisp machine-like minimalism and granulated noise.” - Clash "A piece of immediately engaging techno it reveals more of itself with each listen.” - CMU Daily. 
Recorded between in 2020-21, Bucked Up Space combines Void’s love of improvisation with the driving force of beat-driven music absorbing experiences performing in galleries and clubs across the UK and Europe. These disparate contexts of the variety of venues inform the album as a result of the versatility of her setups to meet the needs of engagement with these variable environments. The process which led to this solo release was one that came out of the openness of collaboration teamed with the courage of improvisation which steadily teased out a language with sincere purpose and intent. Bucked up Space is the result of the ideas and resulting sounds of free exploration morphing into a personal structured album that fearlessly moulds patience, listening and restraint. It’s a sharp focused work embracing collective action through the lens of the self. Void explains: “It was important to me that the simplicity in the work disguised a lot of complexity, I’d like this to be absorbed instinctively.”