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Interruption Is Good 
Big Breather 
Tender Supposition 
Absence Pile Island 
Early Summer 

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(c) 2021 Editions Mego 

Nik Colk Void - ︎Bucked Up Space - eMego 295

Recorded between 2018-2020, Bucked Up Space combines Void’s love of improvisation with the driving force of beat-driven music absorbing experiences performing in galleries to clubs across the UK and Europe. These disparate contexts of the variety of venues informs the album as a result of the versatility of her setups to meet the needs of engagement with these variable environments. The process which led to this solo release was one that came out of the openness of collaboration. The process of improvisation steadily teased out a language with sincere purpose and intent. Void employed a variety of tactics in the recording process.  A methodical approach of collecting data  in a manner not dissimilar to keeping a diary only to then adjusting again with a slight width of the dial. There are differences in each movement of course but each had moments that gave them a unique character and collectively the sounds unite as a whole. One patch a day keeps the laxidasical at bay.